Refrigerated transport

Thomaidis refrigerated truck

Conventional stacking can easily damage pressure-sensitive goods. Light, difficult-to-stack goods can be safely transported using double-deck loading. The refrigerated vehicles are loaded and unloaded from the rear. This loading method is highly effectual and ensures the most efficient use of the truck’s loading capacity. The use of a partition with ventilators and two separate evaporators to divide areas of different temperatures is the ideal way to transport goods and fresh products at different temperatures (from +30 to -30 degrees Celsius).


Our service for you


Departures to/from Greece

daily from Frankfurt

daily from Aspropyrgos (Athens)

daily from Axos (Thessaloniki)


DE – GR transit time

standard transit time 4-5 days
express transports 48 hours
for Greater Athens and Thessaloniki


Pick-up and distribution options for Greece and the rest of Europe

all postcodes
all islands including Cyprus
collection + delivery using
tail-lift vehicles


Load securing

DEKRA-trained loading staff and drivers



storage facilities in Frankfurt and Aspropyrgos/Athens

Kühltransporte Leistungsübersicht


Double-deck loading

two temperature ranges


Loading capacities

33 pallet spaces
66 double-deck pallet spaces
23-ton payload


We minimise the risk!

GPS tracking
continuous temperature monitoring

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Anfrage per Email
Telefon: +49 69 40563060
Telefax: +49 69 4909059
E-Mail: info{a}

Thanks to constant GPS tracking of the transports, the trucks can be located quickly at all times if there is a variation in the preset temperature range or even an accident in a remote area. In addition to this, we are immediately informed about incidents and faults through automatic warnings sent to the emergency mobile phones. Our refrigerated transports can carry a 23-ton payload. Our loading capacities consist of 33 Euro pallet spaces and 66 pallet spaces with double-deck loading.