Box truck transport for sensitive goods and textiles

Thomaidis Box truck transport

The focus in box truck transport is on protecting your cargo. Thanks to their solid exterior walls, these trucks provide protection from all kinds of weather. Our vehicles are only loaded and unloaded from the rear. The large exterior walls of the vehicles are also ideal advertising banners for you.

These trucks are especially suited to transporting sensitive and easily damaged goods, such as optical equipment, consumer electronics and telecommunication devices, as well as IT equipment, including accessories and chip and phone cards, spirits, leather goods and tobacco products.

Our vehicles boast the best anti-theft protection thanks to double GPS monitoring of the trucks and trailers, allowing your goods to be tracked at all times. Convoy transports and the use of a second driver are additional possibilities.

You can choose between our box truck vehicles with double-deck loading with 66 Euro pallet spaces in total, a 90 m3 loading capacity and a 24-ton payload and the mega trailers with 33 pallet spaces, a 100 m3 loading capacity and a 24-ton payload. Our box truck vehicles also facilitate the dispatch of textiles using clothes rails for better and more secure transport of items of clothing.

Our service for you


Departures to/from Greece

daily from Frankfurt

daily from Aspropyrgos (Athens)

daily from Axos (Thessaloniki)


DE – GR transit time

standard transit time 4-5 days
express transports 48 hours
for Greater Athens and Thessaloniki


Pick-up and distribution options for Greece and the rest of Europe

all postcodes
all islands including Cyprus
collection + delivery using
tail-lift vehicles


Load securing

DEKRA-trained loading staff and drivers



storage facilities in Frankfurt and Aspropyrgos/Athens

Overview of our box truck vehicles


Standard box truck

double-deck vehicles
66 pallet spaces
90 cbm loading capacity
24-ton payload


Mega trailer

33 pallet spaces
100 cbm loading capacity
24-ton payload

Textile dispatch using clothes rails

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