The historical development of the company

The company was founded with one truck and freezer trailer in 1995 by brothers Georgios and Ioannis Thomaidis, who hail from a Greek transport family.

Their principal motivation for founding the company was to build up their own transport and logistics company and successfully develop it further. The company’s focus was to be on transport to and from Greece in particular.

STI was the first customer, while the freezer trailer was specially built for the needs of McDonalds. McDonalds, with its logistics company STI GmbH, is still an important customer to the company.

The Axos site in northern Greece was established in 1996 to provide technical support and handle dispatching in Greece. Trucks 2-4 were acquired over the course of 1996.

The company Thourous GmbH was founded in 1998 (now Thomaidis Trucks & Trailer GmbH since 10/2009).

The company Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH was then established in 1999.

The company already had 15 trucks by 2000.

The company was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Greek ferry company Minoan Line in 2008 and set up its European logistics centre in Aspropyrgos.

The company already had 80 trucks and 140 trailers by 2010.